Discover for yourself an unbeatable infrared sauna experience, deeper relaxation and a healthier lifestyle, in the comfort of your own home.

We believe in delivering the best, which is why our far infrared saunas come with a lifetime guarantee. Health Mate is the world’s number one manufacturer of infrared sauna cabins.

Health Mate UK in Vogue

VOGUEVogues’ health expert described our infrared cabins as “a new breed of sauna that detoxes like never before” in her weekly column, Sweat Is Your Fat Crying

11 JUNE 2013 | VOGUE

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Medal Winning Therapy

“My Health Mate infrared therapy cabin helps my body to get rid of lactic acid and repairs the muscle tissue of small tears and damage that are created during an intensive training session. Because of this, it will take my body less time to be ready for the next training. And, more importantly, I will be able to handle that next training better. Thanks to my infrared therapy I can train more often and more efficiently. And the more efficient my training, the better my results.”

Jurgen Van den Broeck, 4th place Tour de France 2012

Invigorating Health

“Regular use of an infrared sauna is quite simply the easiest way to improve your health. 30-40 minutes at a relatively low temperature in the evening promotes a great night’s sleep and in the morning, followed by a cold shower, makes for an invigorating start to the day! Infrared saunas help the body to detoxify and also raise the metabolic rate which can speed up weight loss. I recommend them to everyone.”

Petronella Ravenshear, nutritional therapist,

Unrivalled, uncompromised quality

  • Infrared saunas from Health Mate UK use the finest grades of stunning Canadian Western Red Cedar to create stylish, luxury cabins. Western Red Cedar does not warp, crack or develop mould, so is the perfect wood to guarantee infrared sauna durability.  Plus the natural curative properties of cedar oil and the calming effect of the cedar aroma enhance relaxation and enjoyment.
  • Health Mate UK infrared sauna cabins are finished to the highest standards, with quality fittings, remote control and digital settings, variable light therapy to suit your mood, underfloor heating and a built-in audio system so you can listen to your favourite music while you relax.
  • Unlike other manufacturers, Health Mate UK use no glues or toxins in the construction of their infrared sauna cabins to guarantee robustness and optimum health and wellness benefits.
  • Health Mate UK are the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime guarantee covering both their infrared sauna cabins and infrared Tecoloy heaters.

Triple-action therapy

Our infrared saunas offer a unique triple action point therapy.
1. Infrared penetration warms joints and muscles to deliver pain relief, increased mobility and create an immediate effect
2. Infrared penetration boosts circulation in the skin and in muscle and joints causing long term positive effects
3. External heat promotes sweating to expel toxins from the body helping you to become a healthier person in the long run.
Health Mate is the only manufacturer to offer this, read why