A Health Mate infrared sauna cabin provides a host of health and wellness benefits that lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Infrared sauna home luxury to get you through the winter

An infrared sauna from Health Mate UK is the answer fro you If you have ever fantasized about the luxury of having your own home sauna but have been put off by the practicalities like lack of suitable space, building and installation, high running costs, etc, the Health Mate range of infrared home saunas will open a whole new world of opportunities for you.

An infrared sauna cabin can be installed in just a matter of hours, infrared sauna power usage is comparable to a hair dryer and Health Mate infrared saunas come in a range of sizes starting from as small as 1 square meter, the luxury of having a sauna in your home suddenly becomes very feasible.

Our infrared sauna cabins are not just saunas but offer the additional health benefits related to far infrared saunas