Your safety and health are our number one priority


Many people are concerned about the increasing number of EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) which we are exposed to as part of a modern lifestyle.  As an environmentally responsible company Health Mate manufactures cabins with the lowest possible EMF ratings.

infrared sauna with zero EMF

In response to EMF enquiries Health Mate UK invested in a professional grade gauss meter for its London showroom .  Our own tests showed readings on all of our cabins to be below 1 miligauss.  This is comparable with a reading for a standard light bulb and far lower than a reading for a 32 inch TV (5-6 mG) or conventional oven (50 – 60 mG).  EMF is not an exact science and expert opinions vary but most functional medicine experts recommend avoiding continues exposure to levels of 2.0 milligauss or higher.


Our gauss meter is available for anyone visiting the Health Mate UK showroom or trialling a Health Mate cabin.

Infrared Sauna Safety

Far infrared therapy is an extremely safe type of whole body warmth therapy and a very safe way to relax and wind down. The far infrared light itself has been in use in the medical industry for decades and more recently, it is being applied in public buildings as an alternative to traditional heating systems. Far infrared light keeps newborn babies warm in incubators and fysiotherapists have been using infrared light to treat patients for years.