A safe, effective and comfortable home sauna experience

The Best Choice

Our best choice infrared saunas offer a totally new and extremely comfortable way of enjoying
all the positive  infrared sauna lounger from Health Mate Uk in Londoneffects a sauna session has to offer for the mind and body. Because of the use of infrared light instead of hot air or steam, the whole sauna experience is enjoyed at a much more comfortable and lower temperature and is also much more effective. Easy to install in just a couple of hours and with no installation requirements like plumbing, wiring, etc..Enjoying a daily, revitalising sauna  session in the comfort of your own home has now become feasible for everyone.
We are based in California and have subsidiaries all over the world. Health Made builds the highest quality infrared saunas. The therapeutic benefits of our cabins are unrivalled and the company behind these cabins is a reliable world leader in this industry. Quality and Safety have been our motto for the last 37 years and this has resulted in over 200,000 happy customers.

Infrared Sauna Safety

Far infrared therapy is an extremely safe type of whole body warmth therapy and a very safe way to relax and wind down. The far infrared light itself has been in use in the medical industry for decades and more recently, it is being applied in public buildings as an alternative to traditional heating systems. Far infrared light keeps newborn babies warm in incubators and fysiotherapists have been using infrared light to treat patients for years.