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Relax everyday in your infrared sauna whilst the heat gently warms the body, giving greater relief from joint pain and stiffness, aching muscles and chronic back pain. "A natural pain killer"

Enjoy relief from aching muscles and joints and keep your body fit and feeling young.

Extensive research over the last 40 years has shown that the right quality of infrared therapy brings relief from pain and joint stiffness, improves the immune system and increases blood circulation.

The deep warmth of the specific frequency of far infrared light that is generated by Health Mate’s M-type infrared heaters penetrates into the body improving the blood circulation and has a healing effect on joints, tendons and muscles. Far infrared saunas are used by athletes to warm up before training and to prevent or heal from sports injuries more quickly. Infrared lamps have been used by physiotherapists for years to treat muscle and joint problems.

Because of its positive effect on muscles and joints, people with arthritis and those that suffer from chronic joint pain or back pain benefit from infrared sauna use. A session in a Health Mate® infrared sauna can offer pain relief. It’s a natural tool to chase the pain away. In addition to being a natural painkiller and helping with pain management, infrared therapy is great for relieving the stiffness and restriction of movement of the joints that tends to come with some of these conditions.

A Health Mate® infrared sauna cabin in your home is accessible to all and means you can enjoy these health benefits on a daily basis.

Aches and Pains


Unrivalled quality Saunas

Infrared saunas from Health Mate® UK use the finest grades of stunning Canadian Western Red Cedar to create stylish, luxury cabins. Western Red Cedar does not warp, crack or develop mould, so is the perfect wood to guarantee durability of your infrared sauna. Plus the natural curative properties of cedar oil and the calming effect of the cedar aroma enhance relaxation and enjoyment.

Health Mate® UK infrared cabins are finished to the highest standards, with quality fittings, remote control and digital settings, variable light therapy to suit your mood, underfloor heating and a built-in Bluetooth speaker system so you can listen to your favourite music while you relax. Unlike other manufacturers, Health Mate® UK use no glues or toxins in the construction of their infrared sauna cabins to guarantee robustness and optimum health and wellness benefits. (more…)


fountain of youth

The amazing health and wellness benefits of infrared saunas are widely recognised around the world. Leading toxicology expert Dr Sherry A Rogers describes it as “the closest we can probably get to the fountain of youth”. More than forty years of research has shown that infrared therapy can provide natural and effective health, wellness and sports benefits, ranging from detoxification, support for weight loss and improved skin to relieving muscle and joint pain, boosting the immune system, reducing sports injuries and aiding post-exercise recovery

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