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Detoxification is a vital way to keep your body fit, well and functioning at its best. Sweating in a sauna is the easiest and most effective method of expelling toxins, and Health Mate® saunas are designed to give maximum detox benefits.

A daily detox offers a multitude of wellness benefits for your body and an infrared sauna has proven to be the most effective method. Our bodies are exposed every day to the most harmful substances and what’s worse is that we are not able to escape them.

The culprits are everywhere – in our diet, in the air we breathe, in our homes, and in the water that we drink.

A healthy body has the mechanism for toxic disposal. The body naturally dissipates harmful substances when it sweats. You can go jogging, play sports, or work in the garden, but the easier and more measurable way to sweat is with a session in the Health Mate® infrared sauna.

Benefits Round-Up

Research and feedback over the past forty years has shown the following benefits of infrared therapy:

Triple-action detoxification: fat cells stimulated to release toxins; blood flow increases to carry toxins efficiently to the liver for processing; sweating promoted to expel toxins through the skin.

Increased energy: from the beneficial effects of detoxification.

Boosts the immune system: through two beneficial effects. Firstly, the expulsion of harmful toxins strengthens the immune system. Secondly, the internal warmth generates an artificial fever, prompting the body to kick start the immune system; this is intensified by the prolonged treatment time of the infrared sauna compared to conventional saunas.

Can help with weight loss: the passive workout generated as your body heats up increases your heart rate and blood circulation, exercising your heart, burning calories and increasing metabolism .

Improved skin tone and texture: impurities are flushed out so reducing blemishes, while the stimulation of collagen and elastin has been shown to improve skin tone, even out pigmentation and reduce wrinkles.

Daily Detox

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