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A session in a Health Mate® infrared sauna is equivalent to 15-30 minutes exercise, so by sitting and relaxing you are also burning calories, naturally.

During a Health Mate® infrared sauna session, your body will warm up gradually. You start to sweat because your body will try to reduce the heat. During this process you will lose fluids and toxins. But that is not the only thing that happens. While trying to cool itself down, the body has to use up energy to do so. This means you burn calories, without effort and without getting tired.

While you are relaxing and sitting comfortably in your Health Mate® infrared sauna, your body is hard at work. You can feel it doing so as your heart rate rises slightly and your blood flow increases just like you were doing physical exercise. You feel good, even after one session. Tensions release and your muscles become supple again. Even your skin feels fresh and revived after just half an hour.

A session in a Health Mate® infrared sauna works your body as much as exercise does for 15-30 minutes. Physiological studies who that responses were equal in both cases. For those unable to exercise due to physical constraints, this is a perfect way to stay in shape.

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