In the UK, millions of people live with a chronic illness. Whilst a Health Mate infrared home sauna doesn’t cure anything, we know that it can enormously improve the quality of life for the chronically ill.

Posted on August 29, 2023

Athletes use our home infrared sauna cabins before or after their training to improve their performance and recover faster; some people use a Health Mate because they want to boost their immunity and burn waste quickly, whilst many others simply want to relax and shake off a busy day at work.

We know that a Health Mate home infrared sauna is an investment. Often, we are asked whether a cheaper cabin from a local DIY could be just as good, and we are very clear why this is not the case.

The difference between these heat cabins and our Health Mate infrared sauna, is the effect on your health. While warmth is always good – it is only the infrared rays with ‘deep level therapy’ that have a therapeutic effect on your body. This is the vital differentiator between a Health Mate infrared sauna and the cheaper alternatives. So, choose with care - not all infrared saunas are the same!

Traditional versus infrared saunas

The idea of using heat to cleanse and relax originates from the Finns, who began by making fires in huts or caves. Professional saunas that came later are without doubt pleasant, but they can’t match the health benefits of an infrared sauna.

The health benefits of a Health Mate infrared home sauna are unparalleled: Compared to traditional saunas, you sweat 2 to 3 times more in our infrared saunas - even if the temperature is much lower.

By sweating more, up to 7 times more toxic substances are lost.

Effective at lower temperatures, an infrared sauna is great for cardiovascular fitness. With infrared radiation at a wavelength of 6,340 nanometres, a Health Mate sauna has a therapeutic effect on our body.

In a traditional sauna, the temperature is raised to about 90°. To make this heat bearable, water is evaporated.

An infrared sauna is different. Infrared rays heat your body directly, which is means there’s no need for excessive temperatures. 55 degrees Celsius makes for a very pleasant experience and is still hot enough to sweat out all the toxins.


A Health Mate infrared sauna will heat up to 50 degrees Celsius after 20 minutes and is ready for use.

A 30-minute session (including a 20-minute warm up) costs an average of only £0.65 in electricity. This is comparable to using a vacuum cleaner.

What exactly is infrared light?

Infrared radiation is a form of light which falls outside of the visible light spectrum - we never see pure infrared light. Infrared radiation has two forms. On one hand, there is infrared radiation that we feel directly as heat (thermodynamics); on the other hand, there is infrared radiation which has no tangible heat but gives off infrared energy that causes our body to heat itself. It’s this form of heat transfer that makes a Health Mate infrared sauna so unique.


The sun is the largest source of infrared light - not to be confused with (harmful) UV radiation that moves at a different wavelength. Our own body also produces infrared rays. Indeed, the principle of palm healing that originated in China 3000 years ago, is based on the healing effect of infrared rays.


The use of infrared rays is not confined to alternative medicine. Since the 1960s, infrared light has been used as 'therapeutic' heat in medical science - for example: keeping babies warm in incubators, helping physiotherapists heal muscle injuries, and providing sophisticated beauty treatments for beauty experts to offer clients.

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