Health Mate® Infrared saunas - How do they compare?

Posted on Nov 7, 2018

Infrared Saunas

Here at Health Mate®, we pride ourselves on having and using the very best heaters, materials and technologies. To prove this, let’s see how our saunas compare to others.

We work with the top heater company in the world*, designing and engineering a far infrared heater that ensures full-circle health benefits. Using state of the art 360 degree Dual Wave Micron Heaters, we can provide you with a new wave of therapy with powerful, far-infrared heat. We’re the only company in the world able to achieve this level of heat, emit 2 infrared wavelengths, and double your overall health benefits.

In order to increase your true core temperature, shorter infrared wavelengths combined with longer wavelengths are required. The shorter wavelengths allow your body to achieve higher core temperatures, enabling you to absorb the maximum benefits from the longer wavelengths. This is what is known as Dual Micron, with which every Health Mate® sauna is equipped.

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty comparisons.

  • In Health Mate® heaters, we use 360 full circle heat, in other sauna heaters, only 180 degree heat surfaces are used.
  • Health Mate® pride ourselves on using certified 100% non-toxic materials in our patented designs, while many other sauna heaters are made of toxic components.
  • We also have a third party test our EMF levels, coming away with very low results. That’s a good thing, by the way. Most sauna heaters don’t get any kind of EMF testing.
  • As mentioned before, we use Dual Micron, the two infrared wavelengths, whereas many other heaters use just one wavelength, and our strategically placed heaters make for the best wavelength benefits.
  • Our watt density is also the highest, while other heaters use much lower watt densities. Our heaters better the usual 1½ hour warm up phase, reaching 55 degrees in just 10-20 minutes.
  • The lack of glass in our saunas also makes for more efficiency and no heat loss, while the more usual glass overloading allows for immense loss of heat.
  • The timber we use is fully sustainable and 100% PEFC Western Red Cedar. This means that this, while being of the highest quality with curative properties, also is one of the only woods known as a sustainable and renewable resource.

The way in which we design, engineer and present our saunas and heaters means that you can experience the most beneficial and impactful results, in a safe and healthy way. This focus on creating the most beneficial and healthy sauna experience is almost unique in the sauna industry, setting us apart from other companies and brands.

Health-Mate Saunas provide the UK’s best quality Home Sauna Cabins that are easily installed in any room in your house. Our saunas are higher quality, longer lasting and are more robust than other home saunas. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a viewing or if you would like any further information.

* Nibe Industrial is the #1 heater company in the world. Committing to Health Mate’s standards of non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials, Nibe is a world-class heater company specialising in sustainable energy and environmental care.

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