What is the difference between a Health Mate® infrared sauna and other brands?

Our mission, for the last 40 years has been to build high quality, reliable and safe infrared home saunas that have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing.

The difference

Designed for the Human body

  • Unique and patented Tecoloy® heating system designed by Health Mate® for optimal use for the human body
  • Green and sustainable Canadian Red Cedar wood from our own mill – PEFC certified green

Health Mate® has been the global market leader for more than 40 years and has become a vital addition to the wellness of so many. We use the best components and technology which allows us to be the only brand to offer an unconditional lifetime warranty

Not all Infrared Light is the same

Health Mate® Infrared Therapy

Safe and reliable with a real impact on your health

Not all infrared energy has the same beneficial effects on the human body. Health Mate infrared saunas are therapeutic. This is explained in the image below which is based on research by the US National Centre for Biotechnology.

In order to optimise the benefits, infrared light must be between 5600nm and 10000nm (nanometer) Infrared light below 5600 nm has a superficial and short lasting effect. The image shows the different types of infrared light

Near Infrared – IR-A
Mid Infrared – IR-B
Far Infrared – IR-C

When the wavelength is too short, the effect is superficial. This is superficial heat therapy. When the wavelength is too long, 7000nm and longer, the effect becomes less intense and there is less benefit

Health Mate® Tecoloy® heating system

Medical Grade infrared therapy with the right wavelength for the human body

Our Tecoloy® infrared heating system emits infrared light at an average of 6340 nanometers which is within the IR-C and human radiation range. It is powerful and has an immediate and long lasting effect. Why is this so? Because our heater system was specifically designed and patented for human use.

What happens at 6340 nanometers? At this wavelength, microscopic vibration warms up the human tissue. This warm energy is absorbed deeply by the body. At 6340 nanometers, this happens fast, efficient and safe.

Not all infrared light is the same

Long lasting pain relief and other health benefits

The right wavelength, at 6340 nm promotes long lasting pain relieve and can offer all the other benefits associated with therapeutic, medical grade infrared therapy

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Relaxation and improved sleep
  • Detoxification via sweating
  • Purifies the skin and returns that healthy glow
  • Gentle cardio vascular workout without stress
  • Burning calories when the body works hard to stay cool
  • Deep heat penetration and increased blood circulation
  • We don’t import our saunas from Chinese manufacturers (OEM*) like most other brands. Our expertise is focussed on designing and building saunas in our own facilities. Our mill near Vancouver, Canada. And our production facilities in the US, Mexico, Europe, S Korea and China. Health Mate is the number one global manufacturer of high-quality infrared saunas.

    Most smaller or cheaper brands have to rely on the traditional heating systems using carbon panel or ceramic tube heaters. These generate infrared light, but as shown in the figure above, they will not reach the optimal wavelength for the best effects on your health.

    *OEM = original equipment manufacturers. They manufacture generic products and put any brand name on it. Most infrared saunas in the UK market are manufactured by 3 large Chinese companies.

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