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Our Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

The Tree of Live

Proper infrared sauna craftsmanship requires two critical elements: wood and heat. Taking these elements and applying the highest standards of quality and innovation, creates the ultimate combination for your health and wellness. Named the ‘Tree of Life’, cedar has long been known for its strength and vitality. Beyond its visible beauty, cedar naturally holds curative properties. Our responsibly grown trees are a sustainable and renewable resource. Using 100% PEFC™ Western Red Cedar, Health Mate® stands by their commitment to superior quality and wellness for all.

“A” Grade Western Red Cedar

How many infrared sauna brands actually care about where their wood is sourced or what grade it is? At Health Mate® we do care. And we are extremely careful in our selection process. All Health Mate® infrared saunas are constructed with “A” grade cedar, NO. 2 clear. Why Cedar?

Western Red Canadian Cedar is the only wood that should be used in the manufacturing of a sauna box. There is no other company in the infrared sauna industry that is involved in the lumber industry like Health Mate®. The reason why we build our saunas with Western Red Canadian Cedar wood is because it is naturally antimicrobial: – “Natural Antimicrobial”, no matter how much moisture or sweat is released into a western red Canadian cedar sauna box it is impossible for this species of lumber to grow fungus, mould or bacteria.

All other wood types sold in the infrared sauna industry are not naturally antimicrobial and are prone to developing mould and mildew.

Consider that in an infrared sauna you are going to sweat an enormous amount and that sweat is going to fall onto the wooden bench and floorboards. That same moisture sits and soaks into the wood without any real ventilation. Your wood is not going to dry quickly enough, especially if you use the sauna multiple times per day. According to FEMA mildew and mould starts growing within 24-48 hours. This makes it unsafe to use woods that are not antimicrobial and it defeats the benefits of using an infrared sauna.

We only build with the best

There are many variables when purchasing and pricing lumber; grade, cut and source. The base cost of cedar is close to 40% higher than basswood and 53% higher than hemlock.

hemlock wood
poplar wood
western cedar wood

Glass vs Wood

Sure, having a sauna with an all glass front looks pretty. However, plan to lose roughly 40% in heat production and roughly 30% beneficial infrared waves. Plan on spending more money on electricity to run your infrared sauna coupled with not being able to place the sauna in a garage or outdoors where your ambient temperature is less than 15 degrees.

Health Mate® wants you to get all the benefits you can get from your infrared sauna.

Why sacrifice benefits for looks?

 Glass Front Sauna
Wood Front Sauna

When it comes to designing and manufacturing infrared saunas, Health Mate® has 40 successful years. Trust the world’s top selling infrared sauna manufacturer. Don’t be fooled by looks, buy for health benefits.