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2 Person Infrared Sauna Cabin

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2 Person Sauna Cabin

5 Tecoloy® far infrared heaters
Pre-heat settings
Underfloor heating
Canadian western red cedar wood from sustainable forests
Bluetooth speaker system
7 colour light therapy
Lifetime warranty
Wattage 1920W
Amperage: 13 amp
Approximate cost per session: £0.27

Dimensions Width Depth Height
2 Person Sauna Cabin plan 122cm (4’0”) 113cm (3’9”) 197cm (6’6”)

Health Mate®s two person infrared sauna cabin comes with a little more room for one person to recline or two people to enjoy wellbeing in this sauna together.

Using your infrared sauna regularly is a great way to stay in shape, being equivalent to 15-30 mins of exercise. As your body warms up it sets your natural cooling system into action: you start to sweat. This increases your heart rate and blood circulations, requiring more energy as well as exercising your heart.

So while you sit and relax, your body naturally burns calories.

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Our Lifetime Guarantee

Health Mate® infrared sauna cabins are unique and unrivalled in quality. We are the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty and be triple certified for environmental responsibility.

Quality As Standard

Health Mate® offers a range of luxury accessories including aromatherapy units and backrests for additional comfort. Included within the price of each cabin is:

  • LED Colour Light Therapy System - the first of its kind in an infrared sauna
  • Bluetooth speaker system
  • Ergonomically designed bench with built-in backrest
  • Under floor heating
  • Safety glass
  • Digital Light Touch Controls
  • Pre-set Timer Functionality
  • Unique easy-click installation system (for pain-free relocation)
  • Only the finest grade of Western Canadian Red Cedar used

Most cabins are fitted with a standard 13 amp plug and only use as much electricity as a hairdryer.

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