3 Person Infrared Sauna Cabin

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1 Person Sauna Cabin

Wattage 1980W
Touch screen control panel inside and outside
Ergonomic bench
Ergonomic back rest
Seats 3 people
Double sided walls
Canadian Red Cedar (A grade) inside
Hemlock (A grade ) outside
Safety glass
Patented low EMF Tecoloy® heaters
Reading light
Easy click assembly (no tools needed)
Lifetime Warranty

Dimensions Width Depth Height
3 Person Sauna Cabin plan 152cm 102cm 194cm

No electronic gadgets – lowest EMF/ELF

We like to call this one back-to-basics. If you want the therapeutic benefits and reliability of a Health Mate® sauna and you don’t care for electronic gadgets, the standard range is the one for you. Fully equipped with our patented Tecoloy® heater system and A grade Western red Cedar on the inside, the quality of this sauna cabin is as exceptional as any other Health Mate® sauna. The only thing that is less about this sauna is the price.

We have stripped all non-essential electronics and therefor also all non-essential EMF/ELF. This sauna cabin is all about therapeutic benefits and detoxification. With a low voltage basic temperature-time touchscreen, a reading light and 6 powerful Tecoloy® infrared heaters, this sauna goes back to basics and is all about infrared healing.

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Our Lifetime Guarantee

Health Mate® infrared sauna cabins are unique and unrivalled in quality. We are the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty and be triple certified for environmental responsibility.

Most cabins are fitted with a standard 13 amp plug and only use as much electricity as a hairdryer.

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