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Why Health Mate® is right for you

Setting the Standard

Health Mate® is the pioneer in far infrared therapy. Every Health Mate® infrared sauna cabin made today is the result of over 37 years of experience and learning. We always aim to do better and that is why we invest so much in research and development. A Health Mate® far infrared sauna is safe, effective and equipped with the latest technology available.

We are the World Leader in Infrared Therapy

Health Mate® is the world’s number one infrared sauna manufacturer. We make over 20000 high quality infrared saunas every year. It is all we do and we are very good at it. More than 200,000 happy customers globally are proof of that. We are the only infrared sauna manufacturer with our own mill, own factories and R&D department.

Custom Designed Heater Technology

Health Mate® is the only infrared sauna manufacturer that is big enough to develop its own far infrared heaters. Other sauna brands rely on generic heaters made of carbon sheets or ceramic rods. These generic heaters do generate infrared light, but there is room for improvement. This is why Health Mate® have partnered with industry leading multinationals Backer Industries/Emerson Electric to create the Tecoloy® far infrared heater system. Our Tecoloy® heaters are the only heater technology that is specifically designed for the human body. It emits 16x more far infrared light than any generic heater.

Unrivalled Therapeutic Results

Health Mate® is the preferred partner of the Health and Wellness industry. The health benefits of our unique far infrared therapy are guaranteed by our patented Tecoloy® far infrared system.

  • Higher intensity guarantees quicker results
  • More infrared output increases results and benefits
  • Deeper absorption and penetration makes for longer lasting beneficial effects

Gentle Heat

Health Mate® infrared cabins use far infrared heat. This heat, generated by our Tecoloy® infrared system is a gentle and comfortable heat that penetrates deep and leaves you rejuvenated and relaxed.

Craftsmanship: we Know how to Build Sauna Cabins, it is All we do.

We have been building high standard infrared sauna cabins for over 37 years now and this experience has resulted in the highest possible quality for your cabin. Our cabins come with an easy click system, ergonomic benches, ergonomic backrests, underfloor heating and extra thick double wall panels with insulation cavity.

Eco Friendly Canadian Western Red Cedar.

High grade Western red cedar is a rare commodity and this is why we have our own mill. No other infrared sauna cabin is constructed with the same quality of red cedar. All the Cedar wood we use comes from eco-friendly sources and is triple certified for sustainability.

Your Safety, our Priority

Safety has always been our main priority. In 37 years, with over 250,000 cabins sold, not one single incident has ever been recorded with a Health Mate® infrared sauna. Health Mate® has all the necessary safety certifications and more. We are the only infrared sauna in the world with UL (Underwriters Laboratory) certification. All our cabins are made of pure, natural cedar wood and no toxic glues or varnishes are used.

360 ° Infrared Experience

The key element to effective infrared therapy is the amount of far infrared light you are exposed to. Our infrared heaters don’t just target your back or the side of your body. They are positioned all around you for a full body far infrared experience. After all, it is only common sense that the more infrared light hits your body, the more of the beneficial affects you will experience.


The New Health Mate® Tecoloy® heaters are built with low EMF technology. We have reduced the EMF output of our heaters to an absolute minimum making sure they are far below any accepted safety standards. All Health Mate® sauna cabins are extremely low EMF devices.

Your Local Team

Health Mate® UK has a local presence in the UK since 2012. We have our own delivery and after sales service teams of local experts who can deal with all your queries directly. There is no need to worry about delivery or assembling your cabin. Our experienced team can do all this for you.

Lifetime Warranty

Our drive for quality and safety is backed up by the Health Mate® life time warranty.

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