A Health Mate® infrared sauna cabin provides a host of health and wellness benefits that lead to a healthier lifestyle.

There has been extensive research over the last 40 years on the effects of infrared therapy on the body. The amazing benefits include relief from pain and joint stiffness. Infrared heat gently penetrates the body more deeply than other infrared treatments, generating inner warmth and increasing the stimulation of endorphin production. Patients undergoing infrared sauna treatment have found improvement in their rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Relaxes Muscles

Infrared heat warms and relaxes muscles, it makes them more flexible and eases the tension in the neck and shoulders. It improves the blood flow to muscles, relieving tight muscles, eases muscular and joint pain and stimulates muscle recovery. Our customers report that they need less physio treatment and can manage without their relaxing massages once they start to use their Health Mate® cabin on a regular basis.

Joint pain

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