We had been hopeful that Fibromyalgia Conference delegates would overcome any fears and try our Health Mate® cabin out. What we had not expected was the enthusiasm with which the cabin was greeted.

Health Mate® UK’s infrared therapy cabin proves a hit at the National Fibromyalgia Conference

In the privacy of the Health Mate® showroom spa, people usually trial Health Mate® cabins for 20+ minutes. This allows heat to penetrate deep into the body (bringing pain relief and increased mobility) and also allows the body to start to sweat and release toxins. People trialling our cabins are usually naked or wearing swimming costumes. As the Chichester cabin was on public display in the hotel reception area delegates used the cabin fully clothed and generally limited their stay to about 10 minutes to avoid getting too sweaty. We were hoping that 10 minutes would be enough to allow delegates to experience the feeling of infrared therapy but we didn’t expect anyone to experience any real health benefits.

To our surprise this did not prove to be the case. Many delegates felt their pain start to reduce quickly and came out of the cabin after 10 minutes with less pain and more movement, particularly in their necks and hands. Several delegates, who were feeling tired and cold, felt energised enough to continue enjoying conference events rather than heading to their rooms for a lie-down.

Many delegates commented to us that they wished they could use the cabin before going to bed or even during the night which we were happy to arrange.

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