Relax and Unwind

Take just 20 minutes a day to relax in your Health Mate® infrared sauna cabin, and discover a natural inner energy.

We live a fast-paced life and need moments of rest and relaxation. One of the finest ways to relax is in a sauna. And the best of these is the Health Mate® Infrared Sauna, with the latest features in technology and design.

Tiredness and stress can be greatly reduced by a daily session in a Health Mate® infrared sauna. Relaxing for 20 minutes a day reduces stress whilst the beneficial effects of detoxification effectively eliminates toxins from your body, the infrared heat is also working to stimulate your natural endorphins to give you masses more energy every day.

If nothing else, a session in your Health Mate® infrared sauna is simply relaxing and beneficial. Take some time to care for yourself and clear your mind, with a little music and/or a good book. The heat relaxes your muscles, making them more flexible and easing the tension in your neck and shoulders. This relaxation effectively relieves muscle and joint pain.

Relaxin in a Home Sauna

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