Fantastic service!

I ordered a Classic 2 for delivery in mid June, and with all the Brexit & Covid difficulties I was delighted to receive it just a few days late. At all times Health Mate kept in contact to update the delivery time and when the time came the owner not only delivered it himself at 7.30pm but also then proceeded to install the sauna and even took the cardboard away.  Fantastic service! The sauna has exceeded all our expectations as well and we look forward to years of use. I have no hesitation in recommending Health Mate UK, the Company and the product.

Harry Thuillier - Emsworth

Truly delighted

It has been a pleasure to deal with a company that gives you a personal service and offers a quality product.  We are truly delighted. 
Thanks for all your advice I’m sure we’ll continue to enjoy the sauna. 

Ann and David – London

extremely happy

From initial conversations, visiting a reference site, purchase and installation of our a Health Mate sauna everything was made very easy for us. We are extremely happy with our choice and would recommend a ‘health mate’ sauna to all.

Steve Barnes - St. Albans

Top end sauna!

I love the sauna, it's absolutely ‘fantastic’. A magical surprise with the amazing light therapy incorporated! The heat is powerful, it’s really a top end sauna!

Catherine Leyreloup – Harlech, Wales.


I own a Health Mate® Lounger 2 which is fantastic

Gerard Allen, Surrey.

I LOVE the sauna

I LOVE the sauna, and I love what I have done for my better health and well-being. Your Health Mate® sauna is completely LUX. Glad I switched to the 3 person – that extra space inside is great.

Judi Palmer, Zanzibar.

Best thing we ever bought

We have had our Health Mate® sauna for more than 5 years. It still is the best thing we ever bought.

John and Heather. Leicester.

My customers love it.

The sauna is fantastic. I am so glad I chose Health Mate®. My customers love it.

Camille Pierson, Founder of The Float Rooms. Brighton.

Guaranteed non-toxic and safe.

I chose Health Mate® because I wanted a sauna that is guaranteed non-toxic and safe.

Carole Cohen, South Tottenham.

Far exceeds what I was expecting...

I've used the sauna yesterday and it far exceeds what I was expecting It gets much hotter than i expected much quicker. Everything about the sauna is brilliant.

Ade, Edgware,

We love our Health Mate® sauna

“Great service and smooth delivery. We love our Health Mate® sauna”

John and Clare, Northampton.

Straight away I felt the difference

“I tried Health Mate® once and was convinced. Straight away I felt the difference”

Jane Alton, London

The easiest way to improve your health

“Initially we were worried that the outlay for our sauna wouldn't reap it's rewards and yet despite being right at the bottom of the garden there is always a regular path of visitors to the sauna. In winter we sit as a family and relax, or go there to recover after overindulging - the perfect detox. In Spring and Autumn we use it to warm up after a walk or exercise in the fresh air and in summer we have it on after we've been swimming to warm us up. All in all, we are in it twice a week on average. It has been worth every penny and we are only a year in.”

Jacintha – School Run Retreats

Infrared sauna review

The easiest way to improve your health

“I use several Health Mate® infrared cabins in my clinics. My patients love it. Treatments are more effective and less painful and all my practitioners swear by it.”

Errol lynch – founder Tuina UK/Touch Tuina

Infrared sauna review

Clean inside and out

“As an ex-professional and semi-professional footballer and a holistic therapist for the last 20 years, I understand the essential nature of detoxification. I was surprised at first as to the effectiveness of the Health Mate® cabin: I felt a deep warmth which felt like it was in my muscles and bones and that ‘clean inside and out’ feeling... I recommend Health Mate® UK products to my professional colleagues and my clients alike.”

Ben Barnett, Holistic Health expert and personal performance facilitator

Infrared sauna review

Less painful treatment...

“...when a deeper treatment with massage is necessary for very injured or tight muscles and tendons, it is much less painful for the patient to be treated once they have been in the infrared cabin...”

Kris and Katrina – Regain Turnaround

Infrared sauna review

The easiest way to improve your health

“Regular use of an infrared sauna is quite simply the easiest way to improve your health. 30-40 minutes at a relatively low temperature in the evening promotes a great night’s sleep and in the morning, followed by a cold shower, makes for an invigorating start to the day! Infrared saunas help the body to detoxify and also raise the metabolic rate which can speed up weight loss. I recommend them to everyone.”

Petronella Ravenshear, nutritional therapist, www.chelseanutrition.com

Infrared sauna review

Medal Winning Therapy

“My Health Mate® infrared therapy cabin helps my body to get rid of lactic acid and repairs the muscle tissue of small tears and damage that are created during an intensive training session. Because of this, it will take my body less time to be ready for the next training. And, more importantly, I will be able to handle that next training better. Thanks to my infrared therapy I can train more often and more efficiently. And the more efficient my training, the better my results.”

Jurgen Van den Broeck, 4th place Tour de France 2012

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