The ability of infrared to heat from within the body, creates a more comfortable and enjoyable experience compared to traditional saunas.

How infrared therapy works

Health Mate® Infrared cabins use Tecoloy® heaters which generate far infrared light. This infrared light is absorbed naturally by most objects, including the human body and has the ability to penetrate the skin and generate deep heat from within. Far infrared light has distinct advantages compared to other heat sources:

  • It is naturally occurring and safe for humans – infrared is used for warming neonatal incubators.
  • It generates deep warmth within objects, but does not warm the air in between, delivering all the benefits and more of traditional saunas at much more comfortable temperatures (45-65 Celsius, compared with 85-100 Celsius in a traditional sauna).
  • Infrared is a distinct frequency from Ultra Violet light and therefore does not damage skin.

Infrared penetration – relaxing and enjoyable

The power of infrared to heat from within creates a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience than traditional saunas.

Infrared penetrates objects to heat from within, but it does not heat the air that it passes through. If that’s hard to get your head around, think of the sun: the sun is immensely hot and we feel warmed by sunlight, but the space between the sun and the earth is freezing.

This characteristic means Health Mate® UK’s infrared cabins deliver all the benefits and more of a traditional sauna, without the extreme temperatures

Infrared Sauna Therapy


Why is it that in the sun we feel warm while in the shade it is cool? Most of the warmth of the sun that we feel comes from infrared light. The majority of the light from the sun is infrared light and unlike ultra violet, it is completely safe for humans. The most interesting characteristic of infrared light is that it warms up objects without warming the air in between those objects. The easiest way to understand this is to look at the light of the sun. The sun is hot, but space between us and the sun is freezing cold yet, standing in the sun light makes us feel warm. This is because the infrared part of the sunlight warms up object directly without having to warm up the air first.

The Science

Infrared light – a safe, natural resource

Infrared waves make up the majority of light waves that compose natural sunlight.

Infrared Light

Far Infrared is distinct from Ultra Violet: it cannot damage skin

The power of infrared light to warm and heal from within has been employed since the 1960s: it is used to keep babies warm in neonatal units; it is used by physiotherapists to treat joint and muscle injuries; it is used by beauticians in skin treatments.

Infrared penetration – the optimal range of far infrared light

Infrared comes in a range of wave lengths from 0.76-1,000 microns. Most infrared cabins use far infrared light (more than 5.6 microns). But only Health Mate® UK use bespoke Tecoloy® heaters designed specifically for the human body. Our heaters emit far infrared light at the optimal wave length for human penetration.