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Generic, industrial heaters will generate infrared light, but not at the crucial wavelength for optimal absorption by the human body

Not all infrared light is the same and not all infrared light has the same effects on the human body. Health Mate are the only manufacturer which uses infrared heaters specifically designed for the human body.

Health Mate has been an infrared therapy pioneer for decades. In fact, it was Health Mate who, in 1979 adapted infrared technology used in the medical industry and created the first home infrared saunas. Through 37 years of experience, Health Mate have improved and optimised their infrared technology which resulted in the unique Tecoloy far infrared system. This custom Tecoloy heater is the result of a partnership between Health Mate and Backer Industries/Emerson Electric, a global leader in infrared heating technology.

The Tecoloy heaters are unique for 2 different reasons: The fact that the infrared light that they generate is fine tuned for the human body. In fact, Health Mate’s infrared saunas are the only ones in the UK market with heaters specifically designed for the human body. This guarantees unrivalled therapeutic effectiveness. In addition, these heaters, made of incoloy generate more infrared light than any other heater in the market. 16 times to be specific. The Tecoloy heating elements do not wear or crack, their performance remains constant over time and they never break down. Hence the famous Health Mate lifetime warranty.

The Tecoloy heater is unique. You will not see it anywhere else as it is patented by Health Mate and cannot be used by anybody else.

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