Infrared sauna

Health Mate® has been manufacturing premium infrared saunas for more than 40 years. all this time, our focus has been on therapeutic effectiveness, reliability and safety, without compromise.

  • Safe and reliable
  • Premium red cedar wood
  • Deep-level therapy

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Infrared Sauna Cabin

Enrich Range

Enrich your health in a luxury Sauna. Enjoy the ultimate, full-spectrum infrared sauna experience, equipped with our patented, dual-wave Tecoloy® mid- and far-infrared heaters.

Classic Edition

A full option luxurious infrared sauna that can boost your health and wellbeing. With therapeutic Tecoloy infrared heaters (at Human Spectrum far infrared), LED colour therapy, underfloor heating, lower back heaters and Bluetooth systems. Made from red cedar wood (inside and outside)


Our infrared sauna cabin Lounger range offers even more luxurious space, making them ideal for home spas and gyms. Featuring a long sauna bench, there is ample room for groups to sit together or additional space for a couple to recline and relax

Standard edition

Back to Basics. A Health Mate infrared sauna without the electronic gadgets but with unrivalled therapeutic effect and Tecoloy Heaters (at Human Spectrum far infrared). Made of hemlock wood on the outside, red cedar wood on the inside

Tecoloy heaters

Tecoloy® - The best infrared heaters available

Tecoloy heaters are custom designed and patented by Health Mate to maximise the benefits you expect from your sauna.

  • Deep level therapy
  • Reliable - lifetime warranty
  • Safe - Low EMF and international safety certifications

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Health Mate® has been around for 42 years. Since 1979, we have conquered the world - We can say this with confidence, because you'll find our Health Mate saunas in the homes of people across more than 50 countries today.

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