7 simple steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

Posted on December 27, 2013

Thinking of new year diets and punishing fitness regimes can be daunting and no matter how good our intentions, we all know how difficult it can be to stick to these commitments. The best way to be kind to your body is to take it step by step and integrate changes at a steady and manageable pace.

1. Nutrition

Simple yet effective changes to your lifestyle will be hugely beneficial so start by making sure you are drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day, cut back on alcohol, sugar and processed food, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and aim for eight hours sleep a night.

2. Sweat it out

In addition to this a daily session in our infrared sauna will help the body detox and release toxins by stimulating the fat cells, increasing circulation which carries the toxins to the liver to be processed as sweating expels them from the body

An infrared sauna ensures you sweat 2/3 time more than a regular sauna as the infrared penetrates the skin at a deeper level while the lower temperatures (45-65 degrees Celsius) mean you can stay in for longer resulting in more sweating.

As you sweat, you burn calories and a 20 minute session is the equivalent to 15-20 minutes of exercise – immensely more pleasurably than going for a run!

3. Boost your immune system

In addition to all of this you’ll also be boosting your immune system by regularly raising its internal temperature mimicking a fever, causing the immune system to be on alert warding off winter bugs.

4. De-stress

Stress is toxic for the body and the calming environment of our sauna will aide relaxation and works wonders for relieving stress. In addition, our high-tech LED light colour therapy offers seven colours options to suit and enhance your mood. Combined with your favourite tunes on the integrated sound system, you’ll start the new year in a relaxed and energised state.

You won’t just feel better either, you’ll look better too as the infrared penetration improves skin tone by removing dead skin cells, revealing younger looking skin, resulting in a lovely glow.

5. Pamper yourself

Turn it into a pampering session and nourish dry hair by putting oil or a conditioning treatment on your hair and cover with a plastic cap while in the sauna. Then rinse out and wash as usual for shiny, healthy locks.

6. Deep rest

Remember the eight hours of sleep we mentioned? We all know sleep plays a major role in looking and feeling good, and a pre-bedtime session will give you a more restful and deep sleep giving your body time to focus on healing and replenishing itself.

7. Natural high

Don’t be surprised by how addictive these sessions are as natural endorphins are released leaving you feeling great as you finish each session.

…all you need to do now is book your free trial

If you haven’t yet tried our saunas don’t forget to book your free trial in our spa showroom and we’re sure you’ll agree an infrared sauna is the nicest way by far to detox.

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