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Posted on February 7, 2014

We often see a surge in enquires around now as people leave winter behind and look to breathe new life into their home. Planning is key and if you need inspiration or guidance look at specialist interior magazines for the latest trends and top tips or consult an experienced interior designer.

For anyone keen to get projects completed for summer, avoid disappointment by contacting tradesmen and comparing quotes now.

The home spa bathroom:

Bathrooms are typically renovated every 8-10 years so for people taking a fresh look at the bathroom offering today, they will notice a whole new world of products to choose from. The modern day bathroom has become a sanctuary from a hectic world and is sometimes the only place we can be alone!

A hugely popular and practical approach to redesigning this space is to replace the bath with a wet room area freeing up a lot of wasted space, while wall mounted WC’s and basins add valuable floor space. We are installing more and more of our infrared saunas in bathrooms for those who want to enjoy a luxurious spa experience in the comfort of their own home. The benefits, which range from aiding sleep to increased joint mobility, detoxification to sports therapy and boosting your immune system to stress relief can be enjoyed by the whole family.

The no construction option:

Giving an unused room a new lease of life is a clever way to maximise your home’s potential. Creating a health and wellness area is a positive lifestyle choice and encourages you to focus on looking after yourself more regularly. So to update your home and improve your lifestyle but avoid the hassle of overseeing a renovation, we have the solution. A fresh coat of paint, a comfy chair to curl up in and an infrared sauna cabin mean you have a whole new room to enjoy on a regular basis. The beauty of our state of the art saunas is that they can be plugged in almost anywhere and installation is quick and easy. All you have to do is choose which cabin best suits your lifestyle.

City solutions:

Living space in the UK is 10 per cent smaller now than it was 30 years ago, making properties here more confined than anywhere else in western Europe. The Royal Institute of Architects says living in such cramped conditions can put health and wellbeing at risk and with a host of modern day stresses to manage people are constantly looking at new ways to improve the their quality of life.

That’s where a Health-Mate infrared sauna comes in. The perfect solution, it’s super easy to install (and dismantle if you ever move), requires no wiring or complicated hook ups, simply plug it in and enjoy. And with our smallest infrared sauna sauna measuring only 1sq metre, it can fit snugly in a spare room, large bathroom or terrace.

The Subterranean spa:

In a location where it’s difficult to build up or out the recent craze of the Iceberg House means many home owners are building down and in some cases, adding two to three additional floors underground. These projects typically include an indoor pool and spa area and we are seeing a growing number of these, not just in London but around the country. Our luxury saunas work perfectly for these projects and our larger model for 6 people is particularly popular in these spacious homes. Plus, the high-tech aspect of our control panels and remote control lighting systems mean it fits seamlessly into homes where everything is operated via state of the art technology.

The Scandinavian trends we are seeing more and more of lately, inspired by popular TV shows and the pared back aesthetic of northern Europe, have filtered into many areas of British life and an important part of this is the sauna culture which is also starting to take off in the UK. Having been used in many cultures for spiritual, medicinal and relaxation purposes as a source of well-being for centuries, it’s not hard to see why.

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