Posted on January 14, 2014

Infrared saunas from health mate offer a new concept of home spa luxury. Our infrared saunas fit in every home, are easy to install and use and make the benefits of both regular sauna use and infrared therapy available to everybody

The original Finnish sauna system has its merits but today we can do things in a more gentle way. The big difference with a Health Mate infrared sauna cabin is the fact that in these infrared sauna cabins, it is not the surrounding air that heats up but the infrared radiation heats up your body directly without having to heat up the air around you. This will cause your body to sweat even more at temperatures as low as 45 degrees Celsius.

For people who do not like extremely high temperatures or those who do not like to be locked into a small cabin, a Health Mate infrared sauna is the solution. A typical session in a Health Mate infrared sauna cabin will be experienced at temperatures between 45°C and 65°C. Even when you decide to open the door to let some fresh air in, the infrared will keep on having its beneficial effects on your body. In addition, the running cost of a Health Mate infrared sauna is many times lower than that of a traditional sauna. A Health Mate infrared sauna uses only about as much electricity as a hair dryer. After a session in a Health Mate infrared sauna your body will have rid itself from toxins and your immune system will have received a boost. That is the reason why you feel so good after a 30 minute infrared session.

The warmth of the infrared light in a Health Mate infrared sauna cabin penetrates into the cells of your body. During this process, the infrared rays radiate energy which sets molecules in motion and creates warmth. Because of this, health mate infrared saunas are capable of warming up our body without having to heat up the air around us. This is one of the key success factors of infrared sauna technology.

Infrared technology is definitely not new. Infrared treatments have been applied in the medical world since 1967. Studies have shown that infrared therapy can be beneficial in various medical conditions:
rheumatism and arthritis, muscle and joint pains, headaches and stress. Even diabetics and people with chronic disorders such as fibromyalgia have declared how their Health Mate infrared sauna has helped them to feel better.

If nothing else, a session in your Health Mate infrared sauna is simply relaxing and beneficial. Take some time to care for yourself and clear your mind, with a little music and/or a good book. The heat relaxes your muscles, making them more flexible and easing the tension in your neck and shoulders. This relaxation relieves muscle and joint pains.

When your body warms up, it sets your natural cooling system into action: you start to sweat. This increases your heart rate, which increases your blood circulation. This simple process exercises your heart while your body is sweating out toxins. This whole process requires energy, so you are, by simply sitting and relaxing, also burning calories.

A session in a Health Mate infrared sauna works your body as much as exercise does for 15-30 minutes. Studies show the physiological responses were equal in both cases. For those who are unable to exercise due to physical constraints, this is a perfect way to stay in shape. Even older people or people with respiratory problems benefit from a Health Mate infrared sauna.

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