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Turning back time

We first met Jane, 42 and a mother of one in September when she called us to ask if and how our infrared saunas could help with her rheumatoid arthritis. Having suffered from joint pain in her wrists, hands, knees and ankles for years she was finally diagnosed with the condition 3 years ago. Jane teaches nursing and her symptoms made her very stiff making it hard to move and work. Fatigue was another side-effect as her arthritis meant she hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in years.

She visited our showroom to try out the our infrared sauna and to her complete surprise slept through the night for the first time in three years. She came back for a second trial of our far infrared therapy and was thrilled to experience the same results. That was enough to convince Jane she had to have her own far infrared sauna at home. luckily for her we had promotion running and the time and she immediately took advantage and purchased our three person infrared cabin. Jane’s day to day life has improved dramatically, she is much more mobile and flexible while the stiffness she suffered from every day is now markedly improved. Her debilitating fatigue is a thing of the past as she continues to sleep blissfully though the night.

The best news of all? After three months of use her rheumatologist has just confirmed that her arthritis is now in remission. Jane commented “I cannot rate my Health-Mate infrared sauna highly enough. It literally transformed my life. After years of discomfort and suffering I am able to do lots of things I simply couldn’t enjoy before. Work is a pleasure again but more importantly I am able to play and interact with my daughter much more which she comments on all the time I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a Health Mate infrared sauna to anyone”.

The infrared therapy you get in a Health Mate infrared sauna has been thoroughly researched and designed according to detailed specifications. Emerson Electric, a global specialist in infrared heaters manufactures the patented Health Mate M type infrared heaters. These heaters come with an optimal wavelength of infrared light for the human body. This wavelength ensures maximum penetration and deep heat. Any condition that benefits from warmth with benefit so much more from our infrared therapy.

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