Keep rising energy costs down

Posted on November 23, 2013

With the topic of rising energy costs on everyone’s minds again this year it’s impossible not to feel hard done by. We are all looking at alternative ways to stay warm and everyone has suggestions; from the media and energy experts to money saving gurus, even our neighbours.

So we thought we’d share our top tip with you too.

Our Health Mate saunas are the most energy efficient sauna on the market and cost no more than a hairdryer to operate. We suggest scheduling your sauna for first thing in the morning. Not only will it warm up your muscles from the inside by penetrating the joints, it will kick-start your body into detox mode giving you a natural energy boost to face the day instead of the usual caffeine hit required!

As your body is warm and joints more relaxed you are likely to find less need to switch on the heat as early in the morning, saving you money while also putting you in a great frame of mind to start the day.

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