Medal Worthy Saunas

Posted on February 21, 2014

Olympic games are always great at encouraging people to try new sports and the winter Olympics taking place close in Sochi are no different. With Britain’s current impressive haul of 4 medals, we are in with a chance of making it a record breaking 5 medals, inspiring the next generation new ways get active, it’s important to look at ways to maximise training effectiveness and if needed, recovery.

We are very proud to work with countless sports people around the world every day from Olympic athletes to Tour de France finalists. For athletes who work hard pushing themselves to the limit, both physically and mentally, a Health Mate sauna can be an important part of their training programmes.

Our world class infra-red saunas aid training and recovery by:

  • Repairing muscle tissue damage by heating and healing joints and muscles from the inside
  • Speeds up recovery time
  • Allows for more frequent training
  • Providing an effective warm up session
  • Helping with hot weather climatisation
  • Olympic medalists use Health Mate saunas

You don’t have to just take our word for it, Simon Whitfield, Canadian Olympic Gold & Silver triathlete and Canada’s flag-bearer at the London 2012 Olympics, flies the flag for Health Mate infrared saunas

”My Health Mate Infrared Sauna is an asset. A huge asset!”

Check out his full testimonial here

While Jurgen Van den Broeck, who took 4th place in Tour de France 2012 has this to say –

“My Health Mate infrared therapy cabin helps my body to get rid of lactic acid and repairs the muscle tissue of small tears and damage that are created during an intensive training session. Because of this, it will take my body less time to be ready for the next training. And, more importantly, I will be able to handle that next training better. Thanks to my infrared therapy I can train more often and more efficiently. And the more efficient my training, the better my results.”

Encouraging overall health and wellbeing is a core part of our company ethos which is why we love helping people to improve their lifestyle and make things like sports training as enjoyable as possible.

And if you’re not currently in training for anything, why try out our saunas anyway – they are an enjoyable way to unwind, detox, improve mobility or promote deep sleep – just call us to book a free trial.

Happy training!

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