Posted on February 2, 2015

We always enjoy hearing about the many ways our infrared saunas benefit people’s lives, so we were excited when we met Chris and Katrina at Regain Turnaround and heard how they used the infrared cabins. Experienced practitioners of Tui Na (pronounced Twee-nah), they started using our infrared saunas to complement their therapy and the benefits were immediate. Relatively new to the UK, Tui Na is an ancient Chinese healing art in which the hands are used to press on key points on the surface of the body to promote the body’s own natural healing process. When these points are stimulated, they release tension and increase the body’s circulation of blood and nutrients.

And just like Health Mate’s infrared saunas, Tui Na can be effective in treating headache and migraines, back and muscle pain, cramps and strains, menstrual pain, arthritis, insomnia, stress, sports injuries, frozen shoulder and sciatic pain.

How do Katrina and Chris use the infrared saunas at Regain Turnaround? Well, we’ll let them explain:

We use these Health Mate infrared sauna cabins for our clients and for ourselves and clients always comment on the appearance and feeling of quality of the cabins and this adds to their comfort. This effect is important to the health progress of our clients and we compliment this deep warming process by giving them a very deep, relaxing yet stimulating Tui Na massage.
The quality of the saunas ensures that even though we are using it intensively, it is up to the job and will not let us down. The fact the far infra-red energy is the energy emitted from each of us, makes this a very good way of delivering this healing energy frequency all around the body. Added to this the low EMF, lower than within the home and car, I was very attracted to the manufacturers of these infrared sauna cabins as a supplier I could rely on to think of everything and to invest as much benefit into these units as possible, which in the long term will benefit our clients and ourselves. I look forward to seeing more benefits in myself and our clients over time.

It is such a privilege to be able to use something so powerful, so gentle, and at the same time so enjoyable, to help keep my body relaxed, nurtured and detoxified. To own one of these Health Mate infrared sauna cabins is the ultimate luxury. My preference is to use the Health Mate infrared sauna daily for around 15 minutes which is a very nice way to start the day. Using it last thing at night is wonderful for easing the mind and body ready for sleep. I also use the Health Mate heat cabin for as near to 1 hour as possible, usually once a month for 2 to 3 days, produces a very good detox. I also find it deeply relaxing and can feel all my ligaments and muscles are relaxed afterwards as if I have been well-exercised

We are thrilled that two of our luxury saunas are now available in East Anglia and encourage you to visit the Regain clinic to experience the many health benefits for yourself. It’s the perfect winter warmer.

Regain Turnaround has clinics in Ipswich and Bury St Edmumds

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