Saunas for sale: What to look out for...

Posted on January 7, 2016

When looking at saunas for sale, the key things to look out for are the infrared heater technology, the wood that is used to build the cabin and the craftsmanship and reputation of the company that manufactures the sauna for sale.

Saunas for sale: What to look out for...

The infrared heater technology is the key component. At the moment, most infrared saunas in the market use either carbon or ceramic heater technology. Only the top companies use their own technology which is developed in-house and usually patented to protect the brand against cheap fake copies. Most ceramic and carbon heaters are manufactured is China so make sure you find out where they were might and according to which standards before you buy.

The wood used for the cabin is the other key component to consider when looking at saunas for sale. For started, the cabin should be built with solid wood. No plywood or any other sort of artificial wood should be used. The glues and chemicals used in this wood will evaporate as the cabin heats up and can be quite toxic. Typical woods used for infrared saunas are Hemlock, Spruce, Red Cedar. Some other woods are used, but most saunas are constructed using one of these three types of wood.

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In order to make the right choice, it is important to ask the right questions. Does the wood deal well with extreme temperatures and with constant warming up and cooling down. Can it handle moisture? Will it warp and crack easily? Does it protect against mould and how about its natural smell and what does it look like. These are all important questions to answer when considering different types of saunas for sale.

As with the heaters, a good warranty is essential. Some manufacturers offer lifetime warranty on the heaters and on the wood. A good warranty is important and will give you peace of mind when deciding which sauna for sale you want to go for.

Last but not least, it is important to ask yourself which company is offering the saunas for sale. Who is the manufacturer? Are they reliable, and do they have the necessary knowhow to build reliable saunas. A lot of companies that offer saunas for sale these days, rely on important saunas from China and often, as a customer you do not know who the manufacturer is. This is a risk and it is key to make sure your sauna is built according to high quality and safety standards.

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