Health Mate® Infrared Saunas have a reputation for superior quality and reliability…

Posted on February 18, 2019

Here at Health-Mate, we pride ourselves on the methods we use, the materials we use and the way we do things. We strive to use the very best heaters, the best materials and the latest technologies.

Health Mate<sup>®</sup> Infrared Saunas - 40 years

Our Materials

We work with the top heater company in the world, and have designed and engineered a far-infrared heater that guarantees full-circle health benefits. Our cutting edge 360 degree Dual Wave Micron Heaters provide powerful, far-infrared heat that equals the greatest health benefits. We are the only company in the world to achieve this level of heat.

We use the best, fully sustainable, 100% PEFC, Western Red Cedar in our saunas, as it is one of the only woods known to be a fully sustainable and renewable resource. The levels of glass we use, or lack thereof, mean that heat loss is decreased, making them more efficient and cost-effective. Our saunas are, therefore, highly eco-friendly and sustainable. Our certifications include the Sustainable Forest Initiative and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

The Way We Work

We created the infrared technology that we use, and own the factory in which our saunas are built. We have also been manufacturing for over 40 years, many brands unable to make the same claim. We have been building infrared saunas longer than any other manufacturer, and we are, in fact, an OEM manufacturer for many of the other brands as well!

We are committed to quality, cost-effectiveness and efficiency. We implement a five-stage quality control procedure. This means that we can guarantee that your sauna will be free of defects or malfunctioning components. We’re confident of this, and we have 40 years’ experience to back it up.

The Versatility of Our Saunas

We provide the ability for our saunas to be installed anywhere in your home, both indoor and outdoor. Sometimes, the concern is that if you have carpets, this may restrict your ability to have a sauna. On the contrary, with very insignificant heat loss transmitted outside the sauna, means that your carpets are completely safe.

We provide different sizes and capacities as well, meaning that you can more perfectly cater to your individual requirements. As the Swedish know, the best way to enjoy anything is with friends and family, and saunas should be no different. Our Lounger range is especially designed with this in mind, meaning more space for more people, and, therefore, more enjoyment.

With all our experience and the lengths we go to to provide complete quality and cost-effectiveness, Health-Mate is one of the forerunning candidates for your infrared sauna purchase. Feel free to drop us a line and arrange a viewing or for any further information!

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