The Science

Infrared light – a safe, natural resource

Infrared waves make up the majority of light waves that compose natural sunlight.

Infrared Light

Far Infrared is distinct from Ultra Violet: it cannot damage skin

The power of infrared light to warm and heal from within has been employed since the 1960s: it is used to keep babies warm in neonatal units; it is used by physiotherapists to treat joint and muscle injuries; it is used by beauticians in skin treatments.

Infrared penetration – the optimal range of far infrared light

Infrared comes in a range of wave lengths from 0.76-1,000 microns. Most infrared cabins use far infrared light (more than 5.6 microns). But only Health Mate UK use bespoke Tecoloy heaters designed specifically for the human body. Our heaters emit far infrared light at the optimal wave length for human penetration.

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