The only infrared sauna with a Lifetime Warranty

Each and every Health Mate infrared sauna cabin is carefully finished by hand

Quality is our mission. In the world of infrared saunas, Health Mate is the trusted manufacturer. We work hard every day to earn that trust by continuously striving for superior quality in our products and service. Over the last 33 years, Health Mate has built over 200,000 far infrared sauna cabins and each and everyone of them was carefully based on the same principle: building the best quality infrared saunas available in the market.

An important component in that relationship of trust is our warranty policy. We manage the production process of our infrared saunas ourselves, from tree to customer. Our 33 years of experience and our continuous quest for quality means we trust our product. So much so that we are able to offer a lifetime warranty on the key components of our infrared sauna cabins.

  • Far infrared Tecoloy heaters: lifetime warranty
  • The Canadian Red Cedar cabin: lifetime warranty against warping and cracking (not for wear and tear due to regular use)
  • 2 years extended warranty on all other electrical components and Audio system

In addition to our complete focus on quality and reliability, we have invested in multiple independent and top level industry safety and quality certifications.

  • CSA United States and CSA Canada
  • Independent Global Quality and Safety Certification
  • European Economic Area product conformity certification. (including UK)
  • Underwriters Laboratory. Globally recognised as the highest standard in consumer safety.
  • Independent German Quality and Safety Certification
  • ISO Qualitiy and Process Control Certification

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