Over 200,000 cabins Installed

Health Mate UK: unrivalled, un-compromised quality

Health Mate UK use the finest grades of stunning Canadian Western Red Cedar to create stylish, luxury cabins. Western Red Cedar does not warp, crack or develop mould, so is the perfect wood to guarantee durability. Plus the natural curative properties of cedar oil and the calming effect of the cedar aroma enhance relaxation and enjoyment.

Health Mate UK cabins are finished to the highest standards, with quality fittings, remote control and digital settings, variable light therapy to suit your mood, underfloor heating and a built-in audio system so you can listen to your favourite music while you relax.

Unlike other manufacturers, Health Mate UK use no glues or toxins in the construction of our cabins to guarantee robustness and optimum health and wellness benefits.

Health Mate UK are the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime guarantee covering both our cabins and infrared Tecoloy heaters.

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